Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gracious Samba Dancing

First, my apologies to regular readers. For a birthday present one week ago I received a new computer game that has literally stolen all my attention. Worlds have been created and destroyed, single-celled organisms have become ungulates. I blame Spore, but I have now been sated.

And with that, I now present to you Carmen Miranda and Martha Stewart's love child.

All you have is wax fruit and dried weeds? Don't use it as a centerpiece! Put it on your head as the perfect accessory to complete the dress you made from the Damask table cloth. Arrive at the Halloween party as Thanksgiving incarnate! Cartha Miranda-Stewart will show you how!

1 comment:

amberandlandon said...

hahahahaha I am so glad you gave me your website. No longer will I suffer with bordness at work. If only you and your humorousness (word I made up) were sitting next to me all day like old times...sigh.