Monday, September 22, 2008

Be afraid. Be very afriad.

Dominique had been running late. She was in Paris, and was supposed to be in Milan for a runway show. She was freaking out, so someone suggested she just use the newest form of travel: Instantaneous Transportation. Dominique leaped into the machine, checked her makeup in her compact one more time, and while doing so failed to notice a bluebottle fly buzz into the machine with her.

KA-ZAPP! Dominique opened her eyes to find herself in Milan. She was there, but she was feeling decidedly odd. As she stumbled out of the machine on the receiving end, she felt a strange and compelling desire to eat a bag of garbage, which freaked her right out because usually she never ate anything.

As she quickly made her way to the dressing room for hair and makeup, everyone she met looked at her peculiarly and then hurried off. Dominique collapsed into the make-up chair, and looked into the mirror to find many many images of herself staring back at her. And each image had the head of a fly. She screamed, but was too tired to do anything else. "Help me. Please help me," she plaintively called to the make-up people.

Sondra, the head make-up artist hurried over, jumped at the sight of Dominique, but quickly regained her composure. "Not so bad," she consoled. "My make-up can do wonders and with the couture you'll be modeling no one will even notice anything strange about your face. I think I've got enough mascara for all of your eyes, and if you happen to grow a proboscis while you're in the chair with me, well... I've got JUST the shade of lipstick for you! Don't you fret honey, Sondra will make it alright!"

And this is how Dominiquefly got her new start in the business. She made four arms look chic! Multi-armed clothes will be all the rage for 2009!

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