Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Decisions, decisions

She'd spent the previous evening crafting to calm her nerves, making cat toys for her pets. She'd fallen asleep at her worktable with her head on some freshly glued "creations" and when she woke up she had the Styrofoam balls glued to her hair. And she'd been using super glue.

She did her best but the foam balls and crafting wire would not come undone, and then she'd had to leave for work without making any headway and getting everything unstuck. Everyone at work was frankly horrified, and she felt stupid and blushed. No one knew quite what to do, and even the head hairstylist was at a loss, all efforts to fix her hair failing. Finally the runway show's producer had to be notified.

He looked her over in silence for about 30 seconds, and then said briskly, "Darling you have two options. Either shave the head bald and wear a diamond-encrusted gown, or leave it and wear a pillowcase. You choose. Ready? Go!" Jeopardy music seemed to play from nowhere. She broke down. She almost tore her own hair out of her scalp and saved having to make the decisions. After 10 seconds that seemed like a century she ducked her head and said, "Pillowcase"

And that's how she came to be wearing a sack on stage and looking none too happy about it. Maybe she should have just gone bald....

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